Brown Bag Ministry

Our Mission 

Brown Bag ministry is an outreach program of Park Place Wesleyan Church. Our mission is to reach out to the hurting,  homeless,  suffering, and/or addicted men and women of our community.

Our ultimate goals are to:

  1. Show Christ’s love and mercy without judgement.
  2. To provide some small physical needs in hopes of sharing Biblical truth, answers for healing, and spiritual needs.

Who we are and what we do
We are a peer group who are willing to share our experience and strength in order to inspire hope in the hopeless. We welcome and encourage people who are suffering to attend church and recovery meetings.

Something as simple as a brown paper bag can be a vehicle of hope. The small brown bags we assemble and distribute to the less fortunate men and women of our community contain the following items:

  • Pre-packaged single serving foods -applesauce, protein/cereal bars, cracker packets, tuna packets, cookie treats, Vienna sausage, and bottled water
  • Personal Hygiene items – deodorant, toothbrush and paste, wipes, chapstick, comb/brush, and hair ties
  • Socks

Our team consists of clean and sober former homeless and/or addicted people saved by grace, as well as others who want to share the love of Christ, and include a husband and wife team of chaplains in training. Colleen Burton has used the 12 years of her sobriety to work in facilities targeting our suffering community members, ie., Honor House of Tampa, a 45 bed unit of transitional housing, and Suncoast Haven of Rest Rescue Mission in Pinellas Park.

Thank You for your interest in our ministry.  We appreciate your help in serving our community in any way you can.

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