Fitness Ministry

Fitness can be more than fitness when we focus on the heart as a muscle and a soul. We want to focus on fitness that can change lives and help people live with greater impact for their families, community and ultimately God.  

REFIT®: Tuesday’s at 6pm
REFIT® is a life-changing fitness experience that combines powerful moves + positive music that will transform you body, mind + soul. The workouts are designed for everybody regardless of age, shape, size or ability.


REV+FLOW: Thursday’s at 7pm
Class description: 
REV+FLOW is a dynamic workout that’s easy on joints without compromising the intensity of the workout. REV+FLOW strengthens bodies and sculpts muscles through targeted, music-based movements and resistance training. Be challenged in new and unique ways through easy-to- follow movements and uplifting music. All fitness levels welcome!

Boot Camp
   Perfect for the beginner with modifications but also a challenging workout for the already physically fit.
      High Intensity
      Weight Loss
      Muscle Toning

Line Dancing Classes 
Kick up your heels with us for Line Dancing! Classes on Monday evenings from 5:30 to 6:30  in the Fitness Room.

Circuit Training:  Saturday’s at 8:30am and Thursday’s at 5:45
Circuit training is a system of body conditioning or resistance training involving several different stations of exercises with little to no rest between stations. Circuit training routines may be all cardio, all resistance exercises or a combination of both an exercise “circuit” is one completion of all prescribed exercises in the program. Modifications for all fitness levels.

Circuit Training is for YOU!!! YES YOU!!! Just starting with this fitness stuff…Circuit training is for YOU! Been out of fitness for a while…Circuit training is for YOU! Want to add some weight training…Circuit Training is for YOU! Enjoy setting goals for yourself…Circuit Training is for YOU! Need a community to help you with goals…Circuit Training is for YOU!
*All classes are taught by certified instructors.
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