Park Place Wesleyan Church History

Park Place Church History

   Park Place Church has a long and rich history. It began in 1949 as a small building constructed by hand by the founding pastor, Rev. Foster Piatt and has grown today into one of the largest Wesleyan churches in the state of Florida.

   This first building, located at 54th St. and Park Blvd. in Pinellas Park, FL was a 30′ by 50′ structure completed in October 1949. After initial growth, an addition of Sunday School Rooms and a six-room apartment was built next to the church in 1952. In 1956, the fellowship room was built between the church building and the parsonage.

   Even with all the expansion, church growth again made space limited so in 1960, under the leadership of Pastor Wilbur Coates, a decision was made to relocate to its current location on 70th Avenue. This plot of land was made up of dirt streets and cow pastures. Ground breaking began in September 1961 and the new sanctuary was dedicated on September 6, 1962. In 1965 an addition was made and a second-story complex was added in 1968. Steady growth brought about an expanded two-story sanctuary which was dedicated on October 19, 1980. The current worship center and sanctuary was completed in 1984 and the first service was held in February 1985.

   Pinellas Park Wesleyan Church, the official name from its inception, was renamed Park Place Wesleyan Church in 2007 and has had a succession of exemplary leaders. Rev. David Terhune served as pastor from 2002 through May 2009. Pastor Phil Lewis became the Lead Pastor from July 2009 until March 2017. Pastor John Phipps became Lead Pastor from December 2017 – Present. Under Pastor John’s leadership a vast array of ministries are offered so everyone can become involved. On June 1, 2019 the church was renamed to Park Place Church. 

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Pastoral History

1949                            Foster Piatt
1950-54                      R.W. Garner
1955-56                      N. Lee Shultz
1957-73                      Wilbur Coates
1974                            Horace Hudgins
1975                            Frank Coleman
1976                            Roger Coburn
1977                            Frank Ark Jr.
1978                      in hands of the DBA
1979-94                       Larry Freeman
1995-97                       Alan Summers
1998-2001                   Richard Cowley
2002-2008                    David Terhune
2009-2017                    Phil Lewis
2018-Present               John Phipps