Leading People to Become
Fully Connected Followers of Christ.

Christ. Church. Community.

At Park Place, we believe that God created human beings in His image.  We also believe that He created a need for connection within each of us.  Scripture also teaches us that God exists eternally in three persons, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and each person of the Godhead is in perfect connection with one another.  We see it as God's plan for our church to assist in connecting people to Christ, the Church, and our Community.

Our most important human connection is our relationship with God.  Though sin separates us from the Father, Jesus' death and resurrection makes it possible by grace to have a relationship with God once again.  We seek to help people form a personal relationship (connection) with Christ, and also to grow in their walk with the Lord.

The Christian walk was not meant to be taken alone.  We grow the best when we grow together.  We need our connections with other believers to challenge us, encourage us, inspire us, and work alongside us as we build the Kingdom.

The church does not simply exist for the church.  We believe our church must connect with and serve our community.  Locally, we provide counseling for hurting people and financial support of area ministries to help bring hope to those in need.  We connect with our global community by sending resources and people to those who need Christ all around the world.  We also support global ministries and missionaries that serve in areas we will never go and to people we will never meet.