REFIT is a fitness program that targets the heart, both as a muscle and a soul.  What good is being skinny if you're grumpy and hungry!  REFIT believes fitness can be more than fitness when we focus on the heart as a muscle and soul.

REFIT believes that there is power in diversity.  All sizes, shapes, ages, values and backgrounds are welcomed.  This cardio class is designed for all ages and fitness levels.  The music and moves are carefully selected to maintain a positive, family-friendly atmosphere.

A little about your instructor, Wendi Squier....

I am a mom of 5!  I never was a fitness person.  I always wanted to be healthy and tried many different types of exercise but never really found anything that I stuck with.  When I was introduced to REFIT, I was excited to try it!  The idea of a way to have fun and get in shape, with a focus on Christian values really appealed to me.  It was great!  I really felt like it was something I could do!  I  loved it so much, I became an instructor in August of 2016!  REFIT changed my life and I'm so excited to share that with others!

Come join Wendi on the dance floor and get REFIT!  Classes are open to the public!