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Pastor John Phipps

Pastor John has served numerous churches as an assistant and senior pastor. He has a bachelor’s degree in ministry and psychology as well as a Master’s degree in Counseling. Pastor John has been married to Dina for 19 years and has two sons, Weston and Montgomery, they are 16 and 17 years old.

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Bev Lewis

Bev Lewis serves as the Business and Office Administrator. She is involved in our Music Ministry and Women’s Ministry and is a member of our Audio/Visual team. She loves God’s Word and helping others grow in their relationship with God. She joined our staff in June 2017, and she and her husband Marty have two married daughters and eight amazing grandchildren.

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David & Marinela Torres Facility Manager/Administrative Assistant

David is passionate in serving the Lord as a servant and also enjoys interacting with people in sharing the gospel. David joined our staff in July 2015. Marinela Torres (David’s wife) is our Administrative Assistant. She is involved in Children’s Ministry and our Women’s Ministry and also enjoys interacting with people and outreach ministries. Her hobbies are reading and knitting. Marinela joined our staff in June 2017.

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Park Place History

Park Place Wesleyan Church has a long and rich history. Begun in 1950 in a small building, constructed by hand by the founding pastor, Rev Foster Piatt, Park Place Wesleyan Church has grown into one of the largest Wesleyan churches in the state of Florida. The first building was located at 54th St and Park Blvd in Pinellas Park, FL and still stands with the first parsonage located just behind it. Pinellas Park Wesleyan Church, the official name from it’s inception, was renamed Park Place Wesleyan Church in 2007 and has had a succession of exemplary leaders. In 1960, Wilbur Coates became the pastor of this growing congregation and remained in that position for 15 years. Under his leadership, the property at 70th Ave, on which the current church sits, was acquired and a small church was built (now the fellowship hall) and enlarged in 1980. The two-story children’s wing now houses the children’s Sunday School classrooms, preschool rooms, and KnoSho Student Ministries. The current worship center and sanctuary was completed in 1984 and the first service was held in February 1985. Rev David Terhune served as pastor from 2002 through May 2009. Under Rev Terhune’s leadership, the church debt was reduced from $1.2 million to below $180,000. In May 2009, Pastor Dave followed a call of God on his life to plant a church in Rochester, IN and resigned as senior pastor of PPWC. In July 2009, Pastor Phil Lewis became the new Lead Pastor of Park Place Wesleyan Church. Pastor Phil felt a calling from the Lord to pursue other avenues of ministry and submitted his resignation in March 2017.
Pastor John Phipps joined us as Lead Pastor in In December 2017